Blue Flower

I wasn't going to write a post about this I feel like I've written it a million times, but I can't seem to stop thinking about this one word; Kindness. A few weeks ago we went and saw Straight Outta Compton and if you were wondering to yourself silently, yes, a 50-year-old white woman stuck out like a sore thumb. That being said, everyone should see this movie. I grew up in a very sheltered world. I went to a Christian boarding high school and lived at home while attending hokuou kizoku to moukinzuma no yukiguni karigurashi community college in a tiny town in upstate New York until I got married at 21 and moved to Pennsylvania. All of that is far away from Compton and up until yesterday, I'm ashamed to say, I always thought Compton was in New Jersey.

When the whole Rap music happened, I was clueless. I had no idea that just because a group of black men were standing on the street, a police car could and would pull up and brutally harass these men simply because they were black and standing on the sidewalk. There is a line in the movie where Ice Cube tells a reporter, when he was asked about the violence in their lyrics; he said, "we are just journalists like you, writing what we see out our front door". I was unbelievably amazed that could happen in America in the late 80's. It reminded me how we treated the American Indians and I was feeling so many emotions, anger, sadness, embarrassment and an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. How could we, as humans, treat other humans so horribly just because they were different? Ignorance was the only word that kept coming to my mind. Ignorance breeds fear and demon lord’s pet fear breeds violence. Just because people are different and you don't understand them, that doesn't make them bad people. That doesn't make them any less human.

With the "Black Lives Matter" and "All Lives Matter" movement, for lack of a better word, I must admit that I didn't quite understand. I certainly fell in the "All Lives Matter", but I never realized how unfairly "The Man" treated and still treats black men and women. The more I thought about it; really "The Man" has limited tolerance for anyone other than, well, "The Man". Women, Gays, Muslims, Lesbians, Transgender, Black, Hispanic, anyone really who is not a white man. Now, I'm not saying all white men are intolerant and cruel, I'm not saying that at all, but what I'm saying is, if we would just whisper the Golden Rule in every child's ear the minute they are born and keep whispering that to them, they would be programmed to treat people with kindness. Kindness trumps everything. Kindness breeds happiness and happiness breeds love and at the risk of being labeled a "hippie" love and kindness is a world I want to live in everyday.