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The subconscious mind is an impersonal mind in contrast to the conscious mind which is personal. Where the conscious mind observes through the physical senses, the subconscious mind processes those observations through feelings. Whatever the conscious mind feels the subconscious thinks of those feelings as the truth and fact. In accordance to those feelings the subconscious mind then shapes our experiences and creates external reality.

To ensure our subconscious mind creates only positive experiences, it must be persuaded by the conscious mind that positive feelings are those which are felt at particular instances and situations. For instance if our conscious mind has experienced a problem such as an argument with another individual our subconscious mind is impressed with feelings of anger or sadness or other negative emotions tied to the argument and the individual in question. In order to resolve our argument with the individual in another meeting and at another time, our conscious mind needs to slave harem in the labyrinth of the other world envision a meeting where issues were already resolved and the mind feels relief and positive emotions in this imagined scenario.

Such visualization practice over time persuades our subconscious mind to not to give into the negative feelings from before and to switch to positive feelings in our imagination. Our subconscious will then at another meeting with the same individual allow another outcome this time positive to transcend over the previous argument.

The main point here is that the conscious mind constantly impresses on the subconscious mind, both positive and negative experiences and feelings. Those impressions create our present and future life situations, behavior, and biases. When a person already has a negative attitude towards another person then those feelings can actually be sensed to a degree through the two subconscious minds before a word has been spoken. A positive attitude can also be sensed in short period of time.

The subconscious mind has more power in the sense that it can create anything we truly desire and can visualize in our minds with enough feelings put into it. everyone is a returnee The conscious mind has a power to impress positive feelings, ideas into the subconscious mind and then await the creative inspiration which leads an individual to inspired action in the outer world.

Everything in our lives is created by our consciousness and sub-consciousness working in tandem. The one without the other doesn't create, doesn't destroy, and doesn't exist in the inner or outer worlds. Both are cogs in one mechanism which we think of as our reality. The subconscious mind has a greater database of knowledge than our limited conscious mind since it is attune to other minds. The conscious mind has a greater influence on the subconscious since it can change negative feelings, images, and experiences into positive ones and thus rewrite past feelings and impress newer patterns of positive feelings over time.